why does it hurt so bad....

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Why does it hurt so bad when people hurt your feelings , Especially when you placed trust in them ? And Especially when you think they are your friend , Why does this emotional pain have to happen to good people? Or is this Gods way of protecting me from getting hurt anymore?

It stinks to be hurt and I'm sorry it seems to have happened to me

Perhaps it will help a tiny bit if i realize that it means that i am blessed with the ability to love and have feelings - because people who are self-absorbed and without the capacity to love are unable to get hurt.

And in the long run, someone who has feelings and isn't afraid to show them will go a lot farther than someone who uses people for his or her own designs and has no cares for whom s/he hurts along the way.

Being hurt stinks - but the alternative is worse.

Feel better soon.

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